How to install / upgrade Guacamole to 0.9.7 from git

I’ve used an appliance (link below) to setup basic Guacamole setup MySQL auth, but lately a font rendering on HiDPI displays bug has been bugging me more and more. So I’ve decided to upgrade to the git version as there should be a workaround implemented.

I’ve installed the VMWare appliance from Green Reed Technology in order to have it working quickly and yes! it was working like charm.

Due to the font rendering bug while in SSH connections I could not use it on one of my computers so I’ve fought through the process a little and finally got it working.

I’ve kept all my settings and connections and so far have not found any other problem.

Here is a list of commands I used to upgrade it:

# install dependencies
aptitude -y install maven2 openjdk-7-jdk git libtool autotools-dev autoconf

# download git sources
mkdir /root/guac-upgrade-from-git
cd /root/guac-upgrade-from-git
git clone git://
git clone git://

# install server
cd /root/guac-upgrade-from-git/guacamole-server
autoreconf -fi
./configure --with-init-dir=/etc/init.d
make install

# install client
cd /root/guac-upgrade-from-git/guacamole-client/
mvn package
# backup original client first then install new one
mv /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/guacamole.war /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/guacamole.war.0.9.6.backup
cp guacamole/target/guacamole-0.9.7.war /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/guacamole.war
mkdir /usr/share/tomcat7/.guacamole/lib
mkdir /usr/share/tomcat7/.guacamole/extensions

# now we backup and upgrade the database schema
mysqldump -uroot -p guacamole > /root/guacamole-0.9.6.sql
mysql -uroot -p guacamole < extensions/guacamole-auth-jdbc/modules/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql/schema/upgrade/upgrade-pre-0.9.7.sql

echo "GUACAMOLE_HOME=/etc/guacamole" >> /etc/default/tomcat7

# copy new auth mysql extension to the correct place (alongside the old one)
cp /root/guac-upgrade-from-git/guacamole-client/extensions/guacamole-auth-jdbc/modules/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql/target/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-0.9.7.jar /var/lib/guacamole/classpath/

service guacd restart
service tomcat7 restart



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